I think when you buy a house the seller or someone should walk you through the house and show you what every “switch” does or at least give you a diagram or something to know what powers what. Yesterday I finally solved the mystery of the lower toggle switch by the front door. This was big excitement because I have been trying to figure it out since I purchased the Cabin in December. FYI: it controls the outlet across the room and until I plugged a lamp into that outlet I had no clue. Now the count is 3. Three switches that I have no clue what they do. The biggest mystery  however is the light at the end of the driveway. No clue how to turn it on. It has all new bulbs whether it needed them or not. The previous owner did label a couple of outlets that would be the ones in the garage and they are labeled with duct tape and a black Sharpe but no mention of end of the driveway light.


Trying to be a little classier than duct tape I enlisted my daughter’s label maker and my son in law’s help to label switches and remote controls. The Cabin came with many remote controls for ceiling fans, fireplaces and heat sources. The Cabin also has many switches, dimmers, toggles, etc…

Labeling makes it easier to navigate and organize my home but when labeling is applied to people it limits my ability to see the person and his place in the world. 🙂