As I was leaving house to run errands before my haircut appointment, I realized that I might have time to drop a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul Volunteerism and Giving Back at my friend JoAnne’s house. I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. I hadn’t seen her in quite awhile but knew she would be excited about my published story. I grabbed a copy and smiled to myself as I thought oh, no, nothing like a little self promotion. Well at least I didn’t pick up a sharpie. My sister says “you should always carry a copy of the book and a sharpie.” I don’t think so. 🙂 Anyway, I completed the few errands in record time and still had time before my haircut appointment. What should I do? Get the car washed, run in the A&P quickly or drop the book off? Suddenly dropping the book off seemed a little out of my comfort zone. It seemed too much like self promotion. Hmm!  let me do a non-perishable grocery shopping. It seemed familiar but strange to be grocery shopping where I had always shopped when I had owned my studio. I got a cart and start picking up items I needed. What else do I need. Coffee! I turned left out of the aisle heading towards the coffee aisle and who is pushing a cart and heading towards me. JoAnne. Through the years I would run into mom’s of my students or former students but never JoAnne. I don’t know which of us was more surprised. We hugged. I told her about my story being published and how I had a copy in my car for her. She was thrilled. I smiled and was grateful that I had listened to that still small voice.