1000 years what have you seen, who has walked through your doors – rich, poor, male, female, child, adult, believer or not? Have they come to find peace, comfort, out of curiosity, for photo ops, or for history lessons? Have they stopped to pray, to reflect, to wonder or not? Do they ponder the past, the present or the future? Do they know life has happened here? Oh, if your walls could talk? What would they say? Would your stories remind us that all through time people have laughed and cried here? Been baptized and buried. Would your past reveal that times change but people don’t? Would your walls tell of young and old sleeping instead of listening? Or marveling and understanding?Would the worries of their days block the power of the message? Has the truth been taught? Has the one you were built to honor been glorified in your midst? I think He has. Those who built you knew they may not live to see the building finished but they built you anyway. Oh, what a lesson is taught by the fact you still stand and His word still is spoken.