004 A few weeks ago a friend sent me the card that is pictured above. The inside says “Sound familiar?”  I have heard my share of amazing kid questions, comments and ideas through the years.  And I have to admit that kids make me laugh. There are many times when I have to stop myself from laughing out loud. It is amazing how their brains work and the things they say. This was a week with more than my average “dose of kids”.  When I was teaching dance and/or a Kindergarten aide my weekly dose of kid was daily but since I am retired from those activities my weekly dose of kid is not so daily. This week on Tuesday and Thursday I spoke to four groups of middle schoolers at the  Tribute Center. Wednesday I had my weekly afterschool program at church and today I had Kids First Church. And this week was not without  a few KQOTD – kid quote/question of the day.

The KQOTD for Wednesday actually wasn’t quoted on Wednesday but the conversation with one of the boys at church reminded me of something my younger daughter said years ago. One of the boys at church asked me “why are some of the words in your Bible in red?”. I explained to him that it is called a Red Letter Bible meaning the words that were spoken by Jesus are written in red. I was instantly reminded of when M was in first grade and asked if for Christmas she could have a Bible that showed Jesus’ words. Bruce and I figured out that she wanted a Red Letter Bible and gladly purchased it as one of her Christmas gifts. On Christmas morning, M unwrapped her Red Letter Bible and as she looked through it she promptly exclamation “Wow, Jesus didn’t have anything to say in the Old Testament?” Still makes me smile 🙂

On Thursday a group of  public school middle schoolers were very excited to share with me all they knew about September 11. Their teachers had obviously done a great job of preparing them for their trip to the Tribute Center and the September 11 Memorial. Many a little hand went up when I asked “what do you know about September 11, 2001?” We had an interesting time discussing the events of the day, I shared the timeline (in kid terms) and I shared my story. Then I asked “does anyone have any other questions or comments?” Many hands went up and I picked a little girl who proceeded to mention something she saw on YouTube. We discussed that. I called on another child who proceeds to tell them something they saw on YouTube. And you guessed it, the third child proceeds to tell me something they saw on YouTube which lead to a whole discussion about YouTube and the internet. It reminded me of the television commercial with the “this is my date, I met on the internet, he is a French model.” To be honest I am so glad my daughters are grown because navigating this whole instant information thing is going to be much harder for today’s parents  than just deciding when you get your first cell phone.

Today in Kids First Church one of my little friends just couldn’t control himself and after reaching “3 strikes, your out” I walked him upstairs to his mom. Don’t worry the kids were supervised by my teen helper while I was walking my little friend upstairs. Our Kids First Church time together continues with a reminder of “crossing the line” and Miss Ann doesn’t threaten, she promises and if you cross the line you will go to your parents.  As we are finishing up the lesson one of the girls suddenly realizes that said young man is gone and says “where is _____?”. And without missing a beat, one of the boys with a straight face states “He crossed the line!” My teen helper and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

My two favorite kid questions of all time are: “Were there fish on the ark?” and “If God loved us so much, why did He send his Son instead of coming Himself?” Those are good ones aren’t they.

“He took a little child and had him stand among them. Taking him in his arms, he said to them, “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”