Today I received the following email from the National September 11 Memorial:

“Thank you for visiting the National September 11 Memorial and helping to keep our collective promise to honor, remember, and reunite.

You can support the continued care of the Memorial by making a donation. Please visit our online Museum shop to explore a variety of unique and special keepsakes, books, and accessories. All net proceeds from our sales support sustaining and developing the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

Please visit our website,, to subscribe to our e-newsletter for news and information on upcoming events, including the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Thank you for helping to build a lasting place for remembrance, reflection, and learning for years to come.”

Too be honest I am confused. I have requested passes many times and never received the fore mentioned email. I am truly hoping that this was some kind of computer email error. Because I am going to be very disappointed if the National September 11 Memorial meant to send me this email. Really!?! Did you send a family member an email saying “thank you for helping to build a lasting place for remembrance, reflection and learning for years to come.” I guess I helped to build it when my husband dies in the line of duty there. And not for nothing but asking me to purchase something from your online store is just tacky. The whole email screams lack of respect for the fact I am a family member.

This email reminds me of the letter I received from the medical examiner’s office in January 2002 asking for additional DNA samples for Bruce. And informing me that “chewed gum” was a good source of DNA. Really, after 4 months you think I have a piece of gum my deceased husband chewed lying around. Long story short, they had DNA samples but the right hand didn’t know where the left hand had put them. And they did apologize for sending a form letter.

What I find upsetting in the email from the National September 11 Memorial and the letter of medical examiner so many years ago is the lack of respect for who is receiving the email or the letter. National September 11 Memorial is a beautiful and fitting memorial and I appreciate that is cost money to maintain but just maybe asking me to contribute within days of visiting is “bad timing” on your part. Maybe I should pay the $2.00 processing fee for public entrance.

May I just add that if you would like to visit the Memorial I would love to take you to it.