I traveled to the Barn to host my friend’s daughter’s 13th birthday party.  I braced myself for an overnight adventure that included giggles, whispers, shrieks, no sleep and “drama”. It was December so there was much to do when we arrived- turn on the water, turn up the electric heat and start a fire. For whatever reason, I opened one of the lower kitchen cabinets and noticed a caramel colored liquid. I assumed a can of soda had frozen and exploded so I quickly closed the cabinet and decided to deal with it later. “Let’s get the girls fed and then they can go in the hot tub.” The tacos my friend made were a yummy success and the party goers decided to go in the hot tub. “Perfect” they can go in the hot tub while we clean up from dinner and then I can tackle the soda spill.

The table was cleared, dishwasher loaded, and leftovers put in the refrigerator. Ok, time to empty the bottom cabinet and see how much “damage” the exploding soda did. SURPRISE!! There was a dead mouse stuck in the soda. I hate mice especially dead mice that are petrified in a caramel colored liquid. So the clean up began. Bad news. There are no rubber gloves so plastic grocery bags served that purpose.  I put the plastic bag over my right hand, reached into the cabinet without looking, closed my eyes and grabbed the mouse. But it was stuck, really stuck. It won’t move. Between my squeals of disbelieve and groans of dismay, my friend’s older daughter suggested pouring hot water on the sticky liquid. Did I mention the birthday girl and guests were outside and this situation needed to be resolved without their knowledge? Alas, the hot water worked and I finally loosen the mouse. Gross. Upon further investigation I realized there was a second dead mouse. So the clean up continued, more plastic bags, a whole roll of paper towel and success. All cleaned up. Just then door to the deck opened and the birthday girl shouted “Mom, I have been yelling for you. What are you doing in here?” Oh if you only knew 🙂

There was still the question of what happened? Too much liquid to be a can of soda and then I saw it a giant warehouse size bottle of pancake syrup with a hole in the side. I guess one little mouse found a sweet treat and invited a friend to join him and they both got stuck.  There must be some life lesson  in that.