It was a very productive day today.  Not that I really did anything but things related to me got accomplished. YES, I can cross things off of the list.  Lists are part of who I am. I still make lists on paper because physically crossing it off is more fun than deleting it from your smart phone.  I have a dry erase board that contains the “big list”. Usually meaning it needs someone other than me to do it. There is big satisfaction in crossing those items off. And yes, I add things that weren’t on the original list that were completed because then at least something “got done”.  Such as the flag pole – that was a “write in”.

So exactly what was accomplished today. Well, my house was cleaned. I didn’t do that. My two wonderful friends and cleaning people did that. The laundry got washed and dried (but not folded). I did do that and plan on completing that task later. New garage doors were installed but I didn’t do that either. One of the bi-vocational pastors from church did that. I made some phone calls and sent some emails. I talked to my daughter and mother and texted my sister.

And the flag pole was repaired. I didn’t do that either but I did help a little with that project. Last Winter, I realized the string for the flag pole in my front yard was broken. So I haven’t been able to fly the flag. With Memorial Day rapidly approaching, I wanted to get it fixed but who fixes flag pole strings. I figured you would need a bucket truck or something similar to get the hook that was snagged in the pulley down. The other day my neighbor was outside and I asked him “who would I ask about fixing this and how could it even be done without costing mega bucks?” He said “I will work on it”. And he did. He came up with a plan. And today he and his wife with very little help from me fixed my flag pole. The tools involved were a new rope, a ladder, a fishing pole, knowledge of knots and duct tape. Amazing!! And you know what he said after the first attempt was not to his satisfaction and he redid it. “I want to make Bruce proud”.

After my neighbor and his wife left, I set on my porch swing and thought about that statement “I want to make Bruce proud”.  I realized many things I have done over the past 10 years have been for that very reason “I want to make Bruce proud”.  But even more importantly I want to make my Heavenly Father proud – I want to hear “well done, good and faithful servant”