Over the past few months the kids at church have asked me “Miss Ann, do you have Angry Birds on your iPhone?”.  My answer was “no”. They would graciously volunteer to “get it for me”.  I would respond “no thanks”.   No Angry Birds on my phone meant no need to hand my phone to a child begging to use it.  Well, don’t tell any of the kids from church but today I got Angry Birds.  I was at the pottery painting place with my 2 nieces and needless to say the 4-year-old was finished painting before the 8-year-old and in a move to keep the little one occupied I got Angry Birds.  There was a moment I thought I will probably regret this easy fix to occupying a 4-year-old. And the next moment I thought “oh no what have I done the kids at church probably just got some kind of world wide bulletin – Miss Ann has Angry Birds.”  And just in case you were wondering the 4-year-old asked me if I had Angry Birds on my phone and I said no but I can get it for you.  I must be getting soft in my old age or there is a difference when it is your niece – the child of your baby sister.  So how do you play Angry Birds 🙂