I had this crazy idea this week to start a blog.  Not really sure how or why but thought I would give it a try.  Random ramblings from my everyday life. It may be a blessing for my daughters and friends as they won’t have to listen to my randomness.  So here goes. Last Sunday evening I decided to watch the Grammy Awards.  Mostly because I wanted to see how they would handle Whitney Houston’s death.  I thought her death was handled in a very respectfully way.  Jennifer Hudson need a beautiful job singing.  LL Cool J said a very thoughtful prayer.  I was reminded of something I realized some time ago that today people “watch music instead of just listening to music“.  This thought was really brought home to me last February at a weekend winter camp I ran for fifth and sixth graders.  One of the activities the tweens could register for was dance – create your own dance.  I told the tweens I would purchase whatever song they wanted (within reason) from iTunes and then they could make up a dance.  I would help if they needed some ideas of movement but I assured them that I was pretty sure they were capable of creating a great dance on their own.  “But we need you to get the music video” ” No you are going to make up the steps” “But we have to see it” “No you can imagine it. There are no steps that have to be done to that music. It is what you think goes to the music” New thought. And with a little instruction they finally got the concept. Adele winning so many top honors gives me hope that keeping it simple but excellent is a worthy goal.