I am not sure which is stranger the fact I am sitting in Newark Airport and it is so quiet or I am sitting in Newark airport writing a blog on my laptop. Today I am flying to Minnesota to visit my nephew and his family. I enjoy traveling. I try to be a “good traveler” – packing efficiently,travel documents in order, easy on and off shoes, etc. I am awed my air travel and sometimes underwhelmed by airport security.

The idea that an airplane can fly is amazing. Really think about it this metal bird looking transport vehicle rises in the air and moves us from place to place. It is awe-inspiring. Years ago it was a more comfortable journey. Remember when they gave you newspapers and magazines, pillows, blankets and food for free. Remember when children got those little pilot wings and got to visit the cockpit. I remember my girls visiting the cockpit as we flew home from England. They were thrilled. When we flew to Paris courtesy of the French Fire Department, another FDNY family was sitting in front of us and my daughters started a conversation with the 3-year-old. This adorable little girl asked my daughters “where are you going?” My daughters stated “France”. “Me, too!” too funny 

Another funny flight moment was when we were flying to St Thomas Virgin Island and we realized the people next to us had a dog in their carry-on bag. The funny or terrifying part was as we are preparing for landing the flight attendant finally sees the dog and mentions “I didn’t know we had a dog on board.” Really, you can get a dog on a plane and no one knows. 

Airport security is a necessary evil that on occasion that has tried my soul. I am ever amazed at whom the randomly searched people are. For some reason whoever I am traveling with or me is that random person. My 93-year-old mother in law was the ultimate – are you kidding me!?! They made her get out of the airport wheelchair. I came very close to saying “Wow! If you had been this thorough on September 11, her son would be alive.” But I held my tongue.

My Dad used to say that pilots say “That flight is 5 minutes of terror, followed by hours of boredom and then another 5 minutes of terror.” As the plane is taxing for takeoff, I pray “Lord, either totally safe or face to face with you. Thank you. Amen” I either want the flight to go as planned or just go totally bad because this floating around in the ocean or stranded on some mountain isn’t my thing. Well, it is almost time to board. I know there will be no magazines, too many bags in the overhead, no free food but it is still amazing that a plane takes flight and gets you where you want to be.