“Design a life you are inspired to live.” Annette White

Yesterday was a different kind of day for me. I felt unburdened. Expect for a lunch date with a friend at 12:30pm, my morning was free. Yes, I had stuff I could’ve done but instead I decided to explore two 9/11 memorials.

Empty Skies and Tear Drop memorials have been on my radar for years. Yesterday I finally visited both of them. They are actually fairly near each other – one at Liberty State Park and the other in Bayonne. Today I am going exploring.

But first, I picked up a decaf iced coffee at a drive through DD that took longer than it should’ve. I am not sweating the small stuff today.

The Tear Drop Memorial was a little tricky to find. I mean I drove past buildings being demolished, construction equipment, stuff that looked like the movie set for a murder mystery. My car doors were locked. Once I arrived at memorial it was all good. Tear Drop is impressive and gives great views of Lower Manhattan.

The Tear Drop memorial’s official name is To the Struggle Against World Terrorism. I have included an article that explains the Memorial’s history and own struggles.


A construction crew at the Empty Skies Memorial made taking photos without them difficult. Empty Skies is the official New Jersey memorial to the state residents killed on September 11, 2001. Easier to find than the Tear Drop memorial because it is in Liberty State Park right near the train station. Cool views of Lower Manhattan as well.

It was strange that there were no crowds purchasing tickets to Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty. I was grateful for clean restrooms in the train station. An interesting place to wander around. I love train stations.

I did check my email as I pulled into the parking lot at Liberty State Park which lead to having to take care of an issue. But all in all I had a great morning exploring. When was the last time you went exploring? I highly recommend it.