While having lunch with my mother in law at her assisted living residence:

“Are those new residents?” “No, that is Hannah and a guest” – said of me and my mother in law.

“Wow, she is tall. She must be 6 feet.” said of me when I stood up to leave the dining room.

While attending a performance at the American Music Theater:

Me to Meghan – “I think you are the youngest person here.” Meghan to me – “I think we both are the youngest people here.” side note – the show was very good and this was my Mother’s Day gift from my daughters.

Text from my sister:

“Mum killed her phone today! She dropped it in water. Long story!”

A quote in a thank  you note I received:

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” J.R.R. Tolkien

At Collyde Conference at Princeton Alliance Church:

“We use imagination towards fear not love. Being terrified is about what might happen instead of imagining what God can do”  Makoto Fujimura

“You are more able than you know and people are more ready than you expect.” Jonathan Golden

“Only today is real, tomorrow doesn’t exist” Margaret Feinberg

“One day, some day are safe words.” Margaret Feinberg

“You can’t intentionally touch Jesus and not have something happen” Bonnie Gay

“My calling is not tied to the things I do.” Joan Ball

“Am I going to put my faith in God’s identity or in God’s activity?” Pete Wilson

“If God doesn’t give us one more thing, we still owe him everything.” Pete Wilson

on telephone with IRS after receiving a notice, being on hold for 27 minutes and explaining that they have cashed the check but maybe I owe penalties (long story):

“The records show there is no balance due.” – IRS   “but you sent me a notice” – me   “call back at the end of week maybe you will owe something then.” – IRS    all righty then

at Book club:

” In the summer there is more time to read so let’s read Anna Karenina.” not said by me – good news, I got it for 99 cents for my nook, bad news I needed to start reading yesterday….