Don’t get me wrong I appreciate random acts of kindness.  Someone holding the door open, someone saying “after you”, someone not trying to take the parking spce I was waiting for, a neighbor moving my garbage cans out of the streeet. I think at an earlier time in history it would have been called common courtesy or manners.  Now we think of them as random acts of kindness.  My birthday was two weeks ago and I appreciated the birthday cards, Facebook messages, and gifts  that I received.  But there were two intentional acts of kindness that were done for me that really touched my heart.  The first was a friend from church made dinner for me for the entire week.  Seven little containers full of delicious food with reheating instructions.  It was so kind and took some planning and took her time.  She is a mom of two young children.  Her gift was a sacrifice of her time and resources.  The second gift was an invitation to join a family for dinner on Valentine’s Day.  The husband was cooking dinner for his wife and son and called to see if I would like to join them.  Another intentional act of kindness that meant so much to me.  I think random acts of kindness are great but I want to be intentional in my acts of kindness to others.  Thank you to those who have intentionally or randomly blessed me with your acts of kindness.  Your example spurs me on to be a giver as well as a receiver.