Today is my niece’s fifth birthday. My sister posted a great photo of her on Facebook.  My sister also commented that one of my niece’s gifts was a cape and she is afraid that my niece thinks super hero powers are included. This reminded me of a couple of funny kid moments. The first being a little boy from church who many times wore his underwear on the outside of his long johns and wore a cape.  Great, quirky kid – he grew up to serve his country and become a real hero as a member of our military.

My sister’s superhero powers  comment also reminded me of a student of mine.  There is a song I used many times while teaching dance – Monday is a Marching Day.  The song names the days of the week and each day has a different movement attached.  It is a fun way to teach skipping and galloping and  the different ways we can move.  In your typical pre kindergarten and kindergarten class as the year goes on the children master hopping, marching and even skipping.  Well, one day towards the end of the year we are doing Monday is a Marching Day – did  I mention this a favorite song among this age group.  Anyway in the song Friday is a flying day. As the children are “going around the mat” and a little voice says “Miss Ann, why aren’t I flying?”  I get a puzzled look on my face and say “Gravity” and when the song is over give a brief explanation of gravity.  Later I thought about this exchange and really to a child why shouldn’t I fly.  At the beginning of the year, I couldn’t skip and now I can so shouldn’t flying be the same.

Happy Birthday Lady Bug – may you defy gravity 🙂