I enjoy a good snow storm. Let me clarify that! I enjoy a good snow storm when I don’t have to go anywhere and when those I love don’t have to go anywhere. Also I enjoy it when the neighborhood kids are willing to shovel my deck and driveway. And my car is in the garage. So basically I enjoy a good snow storm when I am an observer. Think about it when you are inside warm, feed and cozy what is there not to like. When the decision of whether this or that is happening or not happening is made for you, that is great. The should I venture out or not venture out is not good but take the decision out of my hands and I am delighted.

Of course when my daughters were little and I owned my studio the whole “possible” snow storm scenario was not a welcome thing. “How much snow and when is it starting? “Is it going to be bad by me but good in NJ?” “Is there school?” The whole thing was crazy. Mostly because I lived 26 miles and at least one mountain away from my studio and my daughter’s school. So basically what was happening at my house may have had (and many times did have) no bearing on where I needn’t to be. It was stressful. If there was a storm forecast, I usually wanted a giant storm over the entire Metro New York area so no one could question or comment on the decision not to have classes. I mean a big storm starting preferably at midnight and continuing all day but please don’t happen on the same day as the last storm. There have been winters when it snows on the same day of the week. One year Tuesdays kept misses classes.

When Emily was in third or fourth grade there was so many snow days that it snowed on the scheduled vacation day that was a make up snow day. A matter of fact, I remember telling Emily “if you ever get to go to school, bring home all your books.” πŸ™‚

Today there is a snow storm heading my way. It is a named storm which is just wrong. Could we stop naming snow storms? I don’t get it. Anyway I am safely at the Barn aka my weekend house. There is supposed to be a Ladies Time Out @ the Barn Friday evening until Saturday but we will see. In preparing to spend a few days here, I let my neighbors at my primary residence know I will be away and asked if someone could please shovel. I also suggested that my neighbor park one of their cars in my garage because why let a garage sit empty. I am toasty warm and have supplies. I may fill the bath tub with water if it gets windy because I have a well at the Barn and no electricity could be problematic. The wood burning stove is supplying heat so I am hunkered down. When it is time to leave, I do know I will have to shovel my car out because there is no garage at the Barn. πŸ™ But I am thinking maybe the weather will get warm and the snow will melt before I decide to leave πŸ™‚