As I was waiting to enter security checkpoint at the National September 11 Memorial this afternoon with the Tribute Center visitors on my walking tour, a man and a woman were heading the wrong way in the “row” next to me. They were both well dressed. The man was very tall. I notice tall people because being tall myself I am aware of people who are taller than me. At first I thought they may be VIPs and had just exited the NYPD command post. Then I heard the man in a rather annoyed tone say “how do we get out of here?” The Memorial volunteers said “you have to go through security to exit the site.” The man responded “I am not undressing to go through security for this? Skip it, we are out of here!” And he continued to walk in the wrong direction. And was gone. I commented to the visitors standing near me ” I guess he doesn’t realize that it is because of what happened here on September 11 that we go through security in so many places.” I proceeded through security with my group and our tour continued without incident.

Later as I thought about the man’s over the top response to the security checkpoint I realized that at first I was dumbfounded. And then I was annoyed. Really, Mr. Clueless do you know where you are? Do you realize that there are security checkpoints all over the USA and the world because of what happened right here? And another think Mr. Clueless do you realize how many people around you were foreign visitors and how you were the perfect example of why people think Americans are rude?

Finally I was sad because Mr. Clueless really should have walked on the Memorial and had a reality check about the events of September 11. He should have seen all the names of the people killed here and at the Pentagon and in Shanksville, PA. He should have read the words “and her unborn child” more than a dozen times. And maybe while Mr. Clueless was on the Memorial there would have been a Wounded Warrior or two so he could remember the price our military has paid since September 11. Or maybe there would have been a firefighter, police officer, sanitation worker, a steelworker, a business person or red cross volunteer who could have told him about one of their friends who have died since September 11 because they have gotten sick from being here.

Mr. Clueless, you missed it!!! The momentary inconvenience of removing your coat, and may I add not even your shoes, could have opened your eyes and maybe even your heart. 🙁

Sorry for the rant but wow that guy (aka Mr. Clueless) missed it!!! Of course another part of me wonders if he was carrying something he shouldn’t have been carrying and the whole scene was a bluff to not get caught. 🙂