This afternoon I visited the National September 11 Museum. I was a little apprehensive about going. To give you a point of reference for “where I am coming from”, I have never been to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. I have always known that it would be too much for me. And in thinking about the fact that I have never been to the Holocaust Museum I wondered how much harder a museum I have a personal connection to would be to visit. I decided to go today because as a family member I wanted to see what had been included about Bruce. I also went because as a docent for the Tribute Center I felt I should be able to make intelligent comments about it. So here are a few of my thoughts:

1. I believe that the museum will do what is intended to do teach future generations about the events of September 11, 2001 as well as teach about the World Trade Center and terrorism.

2. I believe that the sheer size of Foundation Hall speaks volumes to the enormity of the event.

3. I am grateful that the memorial section is separate from the historical section.

4. I think there is a tremendous amount of information available to you if you want to read, listen and see all that has been included.

5. I think the future members of the Van Hine family tree will get a glimpse of who Bruce was and what he did as a firefighter on that day. They will also hear my voice speaking about him.

6. I think I will probably go back to the memorial part but there is no value to me personally in reading, seeing and listening to all that is included in the historical part.

7. I will continue to do walking tours of the Memorial for the Tribute Center and whoever asks me. I will continue be part of the pilot project between the Tribute Center and the Museum to bring “we were there” presentations to Museum visitors. And I will continue to share my story with whomever asks but I will not be volunteering at the Museum.