As I write this, I am doing my laundry at my friend’s house. I am also charging my computer, nook and smart phone. I am toasty warm and so grateful for good friends. My home hasn’t had electricity since Monday night. The electric went out right after I had put a meatloaf in the electric oven. Fortunately I have town water so I have had water and even hot water over the past week. I  have a fireplace so I have been able to make a fire and keep the “big chill” away. The bedrooms are very cold at this point so I have moved a mattress into the livingroom and the heavy-duty sleeping bag is doing the job of keeping me warm. Below is a list of random things I have realized through the inconvenience of no electricity.

  1. Taking the curtains off the kitchen door lets more natural light in.
  2. The freezer will act as a refrigerator for the first few days. After that ice in a cooler is less of a hassle.
  3. Keeping your pjs, pillow, sleeping bag and clothes for the next day in the warmest rooms is a good thing.
  4. It is possible to put on your warm robe while still in the sleeping bag.
  5. Slippers and socks really do keep your feet warm.
  6. Scented candles should be placed with other similarly scented candles or else you have such strange scents in your home.
  7. The car charger is an amazing invention.
  8. Pay attention when the garage door installer shows you how to open the garage door when you have no electricity. I did 🙂
  9. Oatmeal for breakfast warms your insides. Hot tea can warm your insides and your hands.
  10. FB is a good thing. Texting is a good thing. Good friends are a great thing.

I have also noticed that I a prefer to say I have no electricity than to say I have no power. Because even with no electricity I still have the power to do what is right, the power to love my neighbor and the power to make a difference.