Last Sunday a conversation with my friend’s 3-year-old grandson:
3-year-old – “you are Baba.”
me – “no, that is your Baba sitting across the table?”
3-year-old – “you are Baba.”
me – “no, I am not Baba. I am Miss Ann.”
3-year-old – “you are Baba”
me – “No, I am Miss Ann. That’s your Baba. My daughter’s don’t have children. I am not a Baba”
3 old – “you look like a Baba.”
Laughter all around.

Last Monday as I finish leading a tour of the National September 11 Memorial one of the young girls (I would guess she was about 11 years old) on the tour approaches me and she waits until other people have expressed their appreciation for the tour and states “I just wanted to tell you that I love your nail polish!”

So this past week I was old and cool – works for me!!