I am extremely proud of both of my daughters. They have shown grace, courage, determination and compassion through our September 11 journey. I have full confidence that Bruce would be proud of them, too. I have my younger daughter’s permission to share her Facebook post from today. What makes me sad is in 3 years the same thing will be true for my older daughter. She will have lived as long with her Dad as without her Dad. 

In the 14 years I knew you, I learned to always finish your plate, work hard, be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. I learned how to read a map, the difference between an oak and a maple tree, to enjoy the outdoors and always know where the nearest exit/fire extinguisher was. I don’t ever remember you being scared and I have lots of memories of you singing and telling stories/jokes. The smell of coffee in the morning and a good piece of crumb cake will always remind me of you. I watched you have compassion on strangers, offer a meal to a passing-through hiker and a helping hand with the neighbors. I loved how you could seemingly fix anything, though you were also a little accident prone (I believe you asked me on more than one occasion “don’t tell mom I broke [fill in the blank]”). You were my playmate, confidant, and hero but mostly just my dad. I’ve been dreading today- 14 years ago, I was 14 & had no idea how my life would change. I love you and am blessed to have had such a Godly example for a father. I am saddened that half my life has been without you but overjoyed to be able to teach your grandson many of the things you taught me. #remembering #FDNY #joycomesinthemorning

One of my favorite photos taken in March 1990 on the occasion of Bruce’s FDNY swearing in.