Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the “top of 1 WTC”. Well it wasn’t actually the top, it was the 88th floor. And that may not seem impressive to some people but may I remind you that the shortest building on the World Trade Center site is 72 stories. 88 stories is 16 stories higher than 4 WTC which is taller than any building in Boston, Philadelphia or Seattle. So I guess New York and Chicago people can comment that 88 stories isn’t that high but let me tell you it was high.

It was really interesting to be on the “other side of the fence”. I saw the transportation hub up close and personal. The front or is it the back reminds me of a Samaria helmet. The lobby of 1 WTC was cool to see as well. The elevator ride was quick and the only disappointing thing was the windows on the 88th floor were really dirty. Since the building isn’t completed clean windows are not a priority. It was also a cloudy day so between dirty windows and clouds the photos aren’t spectacular but the view was.

We were also invited to sign the wall – on the concrete not the sheet rock. Since May 28 is my daughter’s anniversary I made mention of that as well as telling Bruce that he would have loved the view. I went to the “top” because it was an amazing opportunity that not everyone has. I also went to the top because that is so something that Bruce would have done. Many years ago when we were first married and I was not adventurous at all, Bruce had called me a chicken sh*t. Considering we were at Action Park when he said that I was probably erring on the side of safety. Anyway, I was totally shocked that he had called me that and it ended in a good laugh and an apology. Really on some level it was true, not appropriate to say but partially true. I don’t think it is true anymore. There are many things I have no desire to do but there are more things I am willing to try now than I would have when I was younger that almost seems counterintuitive but really what do I have to lose.