New Jersey is my preferred state to purchase gasoline for my car. The price is  cheaper than New York and I don’t have to get out of my car to pump it. I drive a lot so cheaper prices and someone else pumping the gas for me are two things that bring a smile to my face. New Jersey currently has odd/even gas rationing. I am familiar with odd/even gas rationing because in the 1970’s I was the family member responsible for sitting in line for gas. As the oldest child, I was the first one to start driving so those little errands of “running uptown to get another gallon of milk” or “taking the car to get gas” became my job. I have memories of taking my mom’s car one day and my dad’s car the next day.

Last Friday, Nov 9, I “needed gas” so I decided to visit my mom and do some errands in NJ before heading to jury duty in Newburgh. As a side note, all the cases were settled and all the prospective jurors were released from duty. Anyway, I was confident my license plate was odd 8299 so I pulled up to get gas. No real lines. I had cash so it is even cheaper. All is well. The attendant fills my tank and I am off and running. I am so glad I have enough fuel to accomplish the task at hand and drive into NYC on Sunday afternoon.  Fast forward two days. Yesterday as I am leaving church, I glanced at my license plate. Oops!! My license plate number is 8290. Oh, my!! I got gas illegally on Friday.

So I start thinking about this whole dilemma. First I am amazed that I was actually able to fill up on Friday. I assume the attendant thought the 9 was the last number and the zero was an O. Hopefully he knew zero is an even number. I am a rule follower by nature so there is moment when I am concerned that I have broken the law. I realize that obviously the gas police aren’t going to track me now. But there is another moment which I am not proud to mention that I thought “wow, this could really work for me.”  I may actually be able to get gas again on an odd day instead of an even especially if the attendant isn’t paying attention.  And then I thought but now I know. It was an accident that I was sold fuel on Friday but if I get in line again on an odd day I will have full knowledge of what I am doing. And knowing “what I am doing” is a whole different thing. 🙂