I have noticed that I take less with me when I travel than I did in the past.  I try to stay within one or two color schemes so I don’t need too many pairs of shoes.  I don’t carry as many books because I have a nook. I count on where I am going or who I am traveling with to have some of the toiletries and the hairdryer.  Of course that assumption has backfired in the past and lead to purchasing shower wash on Vancouver Island for more than I would ever spend in the USA. Traveling with less has allowed me to feel freer since I am not loaded down with too much stuff.  I am not worried about where is this or that or can I carry it all. I am actually trying to travel through each day with less stuff. Living one day at a time – enjoying the now.  Being in the moment and with the person I am with – really listening and enjoying their presence. Keeping it simple.  Decluttering is a good thing whether it is your suitcase, closet, kitchen drawers or life.  Of course I have noticed when I travel I have to remember to pack the “chargers” or that iPhone and nook will be useless in a day or two.  Kind of like me – I need to stay charged 🙂