1. It is no longer the ER – emergency room, it is the ED – emergency department. So if the TV show “ER” was still on, would it be called “ED”?

2.If hospitals are serious about HIPAA rules, then patients need to be in private rooms. The curtain in rooms works to protect visual privacy but you can hear everything through that curtain. Just think a family member, who didn’t have permission for access to patient information could easily ask their roommate and/or their roommate’s visitors for the scoop.

3. Even if you call it a Room Service, it isn’t room service. Room service is something you order as a treat when staying in a nice hotel. It is not the food you receive during a hospital stay.

4. Portable X-ray machines are a marvel but the fact you covered the both patients in the room with a lead aprons, suggested the visitors leave the room, walked in the hall and yelled “X-ray room 7” makes you wonder if it is a good idea.

5. Thanks to smart phones you can easily google “code red, code orange and code gray”. Oh, my!!!

6. A chaplain stopping by helps.

7. Nurses and techs work very hard.

8. Acknowledging the housekeeping and transport staff is simple and gets you a smile and polite conversation the next day.

9. Having your mother’s ICU nurse say “if you are not sure where to wait, just come home” in response to the question “should we wait in the main surgical waiting room or ICU?” makes you feel safe and secure. 🙂

10. ” I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”