0141. On Friday morning as I was preparing to travel into the National September 11 Memorial to lead a tour for a daughter’s friend, I dropped an earring down the bathroom sink. You know that feeling when you watch and think it isn’t going to go down, it is too big, it can’t possibly fit under that little space. And then the earring is gone, just gone. It seems impossible. The stopper wasn’t even open all the way. So in a moment of “no worries, I can fix this problem” I proceed to remove all the towels and stuff from under the sink and unscrew that “little thing” and now my lack of any knowledge of plumbing has caught up with me. I place all the little pieces on the bathroom counter, tidy up the pile of towels, leave my side door unlocked and head to NYC. I call my plumber from my cell phone and leave him message. And when I get home the bill ($75) with the following tip was on my bathroom counter “always close drain when putting on jewelry”. This morning my plumber called. He wanted to share a story that happened yesterday afternoon after he had taken care of my issue. His 8-year-old daughter recently had her ears pierced and yesterday she was changing her earrings for the first time. He walks into the bathroom to make sure she has closed the drain. He comments “make sure you close the drain”. She comments “Dad, everyone knows to do that.” well, maybe not everyone 🙂

2. This past week on the radio they were announcing that President Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama, would be laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery in remembrance of the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. They also announced that the Obamas would be joined by former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Rodman Clinton. I just found it weird that Hilary Clinton who has been an US Senator and the Secretary of State was only referred to as “Bill’s wife” not even former First Lady. Really???

3. A recent visitor to the memorial commented “I am glad the survivor tree isn’t perfect. It is okay there aren’t branches on the one side because everything changed that day. I am glad it is thriving but it is good to remember that it was changed” Something to ponder.