One liners from this week:

“Why did your kids move so far away?” – question asked by 6th grader at Tribute Center. At first I thought it was an attack on my motherhood but realized he was just curious.

“I was in my mother’s uterus!” comment by 5th grader in response to “What do you know about September 11,2001?

“How old are you?” – 5th grade girl. “Never ask a woman her age?” – 5th grade boy. “I am a woman so I can ask” – same 5th grade girl.

“This is my first pedicure. We didn’t have time for this leisure stuff when I was young.” 94 year old mother-in-law

“I just don’t understand they come here and bomb us. And then we bomb them. And then they say we started it. I just don’t get it?” 6th grader said with intensity and sadness in his young voice. I responded with tears in my voice “maybe the grown ups need some kids to tell them that it doesn’t matter who started it, who is going to stop it?”

Kids shouldn’t have to ask those questions. Kids need to be kids. 🙁