In the Northeast, September means last days of summer, the beginning of school and for many in the 9/11 community the dreaded countdown to that day. This year being the twentieth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks has brought added attention and stress to my 9/11 friends.

As a family member I have experienced the concern and support of so many friends, strangers and a grateful nation through the past twenty years. It is understandable that the families of those who were killed that day have been remembered and their love ones honored.

But it is time to acknowledge the survivors, downtown residents, rescue workers, recovery workers, and volunteers that survived. People who saw stuff you are never supposed to see. People who experienced things that they can’t forget. People who tried to make my journey easier.

What I would like to see now twenty years later is an outpouring of concern, support and love for the survivors, downtown residents, rescue workers, recovery workers and volunteers from all over the country who came to help.

I see you. I am humbled to know many of you. We need your stories to understand that day and years since. Take care. Be kind to yourself.