Eighteen years out from the attacks many of this year’s college freshmen were born after September 11, 2001. 9/11 is in the history books but we lived it. Please take the time to share your story with the children and young people in your life. Of course being age appropriate and focusing on the way people helped people and what helped you.

Through volunteering with the 911 Tribute Museum, I have spoken to many students. Some of them while standing in their classrooms, or via the internet, or when they visited the 911 Tribute Museum with their school or parents. It is always a joy to interact with students but it is an incredibly taunting experience. I want them to learn of the September 11 attacks, the rescue and rebuilding but I don’t want them to be afraid or to hate. I wish there was nothing to teach them.

In the past couple of months, two families on my walking tour included children who had asked their parents to visit the Memorial Plaza. One was a nine year old girl from New Jersey who had read I Survived The Attacks Of September 11 by Lauren Tarshis. We had a lovely conversation after the tour about that book. I told her I had met a young man who had skipped school on September 11 and got a bigger adventure than he bargained for. Another was an eighth grader from the midwest who learned about 9/11 in school and asked if this year their family vacation could be to NYC instead of Disney World. Thank you kiddos for wanting to come and thank you parents for bringing them.

There is also a disturbing thing that has happened in the past couple of months. Twice after telling my personal story in the 911 Tribute Museum galleries young men have approached me to engage in a conversation about conspiracy theories. I am glad they are thinking and questioning but know your sources. The internet is an amazing tool but let’s be careful out there.

Below are some links to resources and other posts I have written about my experiences teaching. Any questions, please reach out to me via the comment section or FB Miss Ann Says page.




Lesson plans for teachers:








Documentaries – different pieces of the story:

The Trees by Scott Elliot available on Amazon and other streaming services.
Full disclosure I am in this documentary

On September 11, 2019, You Are Here a Canadian documentary about the planes landing in Gander, Newfoundland will be shown all over the USA for the first and maybe only time. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/you-are-here

Two interesting books on the Gander 9/11 story are:

The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland by Jim DeFede.

Channel of Peace: Stranded in Gander on 9/11 by Kevin Tuerff.

Come from Away is a Broadway musical on the same subject. it is excellent.