Early in the morning of September 12,2001 there would be a quiet knock on my kitchen door. I would peek out the kitchen curtains, recognize the person, open the door and step onto the stoop as I closed the door behind me.  It would be M  from church. Bruce and I had known M and P for years. We had all attended the same church in NJ. Eventually, just as we had moved to New York they would move “north” and we would again be attending the same church.  “I just stopped by to tell you I am going down there to look for him.” A little later another knock, another man from church he gives me a big hug and leaves. Around 7:00 am. I make a few telephone calls. I call C and T and tell them what I know. They both ask “what can we do” I tell them that if there is a body to identify that I know I can’t do that. I ask T to promise me that he will identify the body. He promises.  I speak to D. We decide that I will make a list of things that need to be accomplished and each morning she will check in and take care of that list.

“I am here to do the all things you can’t do. And I will stay for as long as you need me” says my youngest sister has she arrives from her home in the  Albany area. “Don’t you have any cases” I ask. At that time, she was an assistant district attorney. “No, it is strange. Everyone has pleaded guilty. I don’t have any cases right now.”  Another blink from God – He is still in control.

In the course of the day, friends, neighbors and acquaintances, will stop by with food. The firefighters at Squad 41 and I set up a plan they will call every morning and evening to check in whether they know anything new or not. The day is a blur. It is like being in a fog. As the phone rings, I relay the same information over and over again.  One of the other wives from Squad 41 calls; we agree to stay in touch. As people stop by, I meet many of them outside for several reasons, partly because the weather was beautiful, partly because I don’t want my daughter’s hearing the same thing over and over and partly because you may not like my 130 lb Rottweiler.  Weeks later I would hear “Ann isn’t doing well. She won’t let anyone in her house.” Really are you kidding me?

On September 12, 2012 I am recovery from recent gall bladder surgery. I decided to keep the surgery off of FB (until now) because  my life just seems to come with a lot of “drama”. I am resting. C was my “surgery buddy” and drove me to and from surgery. She spent the night on Monday and made me food to eat during my recovery. D checked in and today delivered me my mail.  Other friends have prayed, sent cards and even flowers. I mention this because to have friends that have been with you through the years is a blessing. Friends who have divided my sorrows and multiplied my  joys. I am truly blest. 🙂