I heard on the radio that today is the day in 1972 when eleven members of the Israeli Olympic delegation and 1 police officer were killed in Munich due to a terrorist attack. I remember that event. I can still see the images of the bus being blown up on the runway. I was horrified that such a thing could happen at the Olympics. I wrote a poem about it and I actually still have that poem. What I understand now, that I never could have dreamt then would be a possibility is that I can appreciate it what it feels like to have a “personal loss in the midst of an international tragedy”.

They had a dream
to try for the team,
They trained with such sweat
and then they met,
Teams with youthful thoughts
in harmony they fought.

Whether bronze, silver or gold,
a medal they hold.
Seven belonged to one,
many received none.
Teams with youthful thoughts
in harmony they fought.

Suddenly struck the tragic crime
which left elven with no time,
It is a terrible shame
that gloom had to come to the game,
Teams with youthful thoughts
in harmony they fought.

Teams with a youthful cry
trying to understand why.

Today is also the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa

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