When I teach my one ballet class a week I use my iPhone as my music source. It works quite well. The only thing that can prove to be problematic is if my phone will fit in the speaker device. Sometimes I can easily plug the cord in and all is well but other times I need to remove the case, use an adapter and actually “plug” the phone in the speaker device. No worries, not a big deal.

Yesterday I removed the case and left it in the car. Ballet class was wonderful. Christmas music for barre work and then The Muppets “One More Sleep ’til Christmas” for an across the floor combination. My dancers were excited about continuing to learn the Chocolate aka Spanish dance from the Nutcracker. As promised I had “real fans” for them to dance with. Class was a delight. I had small Christmas gift for each student small canvas bags imprinted with a quote. For inspiration and organization was what I told them. Hugs! wishes for a great holiday and “see you next year.” As I exited the building carrying my phone, the fleeting thought to get my phone case out of the car before I walked around the corner for dinner with a friend came to mind. But alas I ignored that thought, continued around the corner and then my phone flew out of my hand and landed on the concrete sidewalk. How? What? The damage was evident the minute I picked up the phone. I nailed it. Not in a good way. I totally destroyed the screen. I mean totally destroyed the screen. I couldn’t believe it but what really saddens me is I became more considered with whether my phone worked than enjoying the company of my friend or the taste of the food.

My first and only thought was I have to get a new phone. My original plan for today was to make Christmas treats, wrap gifts and enjoy a day at home.  All last evening I thought I will have to get a new phone today. I wonder if I have an upgrade? How much will a new phone cost?  And then this morning it hit me. Why am I going to change my plans? People can reach me on my house phone. I can access the internet on my laptop or iPad. Why am I letting the convenience of a smart phone dictate my plans?

Recently I commented to a friend that I had succumbed to peer pressure. I was half-joking but in another way I wasn’t. Last Christmas every house on my street had outside Christmas lights except me. I looked like Scrooge so after the holidays I bought a few little items on sale to decorate outside. Last week on what felt like a spring day I decorated outside. I even bought extension cords and a timer so when I am away I appear to be part of the team. It looks lovely but as I told my friend I decorated because of peer/neighbor pressure. She commented “it wasn’t a bad thing to succumb to.”  FYI: my home is always decorated on the inside. 🙂

Today as I was ready to rush out to get the new phone at any cost, I realized I was succumbing to another kind of pressure. And you know what? I am going to be counterculture at least for today. So today as I wrap gifts and make treats I am pondering the new phone dilemma and wondering how much of having a smart phone is convenience, how much is necessity and how much is societal pressure. 🙂

Oh and I am not eligible for an upgrade until next December 2016 so maybe 2016 will be a countercultural year or maybe not.