1. Stick figures on rear windows: These seem to be very poplar on SVU’s and crossovers probably because children talk their parents into buying them. I have seen the Disney version, the alien version, 2 parents and 8 children version and the family with the pets version. They are cute and definitely better than the “my kid did_____” bumper stickers but the set that was disturbing was a little boy, a mom with no head and a dad holding the mother’s head. Obviously there is some issue but really does your child need to see that every time they get in the car and it makes me think you are an axe murderer.

2. Temperature is relative: Hearing that the temperature is going to be in the sixties is exciting this time of year but a few years ago reading that it would be in the sixties when I was in Alaska had me packing my polar fleece and warm pajamas.

3. Panera Bread serving pasta doesn’t seem like a good idea. Soup, salads, sandwiches and mac & cheese but pasta – not so much.

4. Since my trip to Washington DC a few weeks ago, I have come to the realization that the people represented by statues didn’t set out to have a “statue of themselves”. They did the right thing, made difficult decisions, fought the good fight and sacrificed for the good of all. They may even think what they did is not worthy of a statue or memorial. Unfortunately I think in today’s world there are people whose goal is to have a “statue”.

5. “If you don’t do you, You doesn’t get done and the world is incomplete… But when you do you, you inspire the world.” McNair Wilson