• Last week on the  car radio I kept hearing this ad for a “solar energy” system for your home.  Anyway towards the end of the ad they say “call for a quote on your solar system”. So I can purchase my own private solar system? Do I get to pick my planets, and constellations  or are there set packages?  It just struck me as funny.
  • While driving home from PA 2 weeks ago, I saw a road sign that said “Keep a safe distance when following”. I understand the principle behind that and I am sure it is true while driving.  But I got to thinking about my spiritual walk and being a follower of Jesus. After pondering that for a few days, I came to the conclusion that sometimes I “keep a safe distance when following” and I probably shouldn’t.
  • This past weekend my sister and I had to sort through stuff at my parents. (See “It’s on the Ho Chi Minh”) We needed to get some personal items out of my dad’s totally out of control library. Imagine floor to ceiling books on shelves going in every direction and some have collapsed.  We weren’t even sure where the light switch was. Well, I tried to talk my sister into letting me video tape her crawling in and over and around stuff so we could put it on YouTube and then it could go viral.  She didn’t like the idea but I was really laughing at the whole concept. She finally said “Wow!! You are cracking yourself up.” Which I was and I think the reason the whole thing made me laugh so hard was I barely know how to video using my phone, I don’t know how to put something on YouTube and I am not even sure I understand what going viral means. lol
  • I have discovered a couple of ways to guarantee that the traffic jam you are caught in will start moving. The first way is deciding to put hand cream on your hands. As soon as the lotion is on your hands but before you can rub it in, the traffic will start to move. The second way  is deciding you want to take a photo of 1 WTC.  Open your window, get ready and as soon as you go to hit the button the guy behind you will honk. Works every time.

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