A few weeks ago one of the 12 year olds at church made a comment and I responded to his comment and he replied “touché”. Wow! I was impressed. As the evening progressed he said “touché” a few more times but it was totally out of context. The other children also started saying “touché” at random times which was mind blogging to me. Finally I explained to the originator of the expression of the evening (and the other children) that the first time the word was used it was appropriate and a great use of the word but since then I don’t understand why anyone is saying it. The number one touché user replied “It is a cool word”. I responded “Okay, I get that but you need to use it correctly. Do you know what it means?” His blank stare and the blank stare of all the children followed my response. So I pulled out the dictionary, read the definition and we discussed it. Feeling like I had made strides in this area I put the dictionary away, switched gears and was about to continue with the Bible Quizzing lesson (which was why we were together) when “Mr. Touché” said “Touché is the coolest English word.” To which I responded “it’s French!”

*not sure why accent mark was added to touché every time expect when it is the title. 🙂