I thought I would do a little something different with my blog. I am still rambling randomly but maybe with a little focus. On Tuesdays, I will be writing about travel, tourist things. Think of it as focused randomness. I am not sure you can have that but at the writer’s conference they said you should engage your readers (ask a question or for their opinion) so this is an attempt at engaging 🙂

Over the past year I have taken advantage of being a tourist in my own city – New York City to be exact. I have found since I have been leading tours at the Tribute Center I am more apt to go on tours when I visit places. With friends from the Tribute Center I have toured Grand Central Station, the Waldrof Astoria and the Brooklyn Museum. It has really been great fun. I have learned some interesting things and had a great time exploring. Last July, Emily, my daughter, and I did a tour about space travel at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. We were there within days of the Space Shuttle exhibit opening – amazing. Worth doing.

Also I enjoy discovering local places to eat. One of my friends from the Tribute Center is excellent at finding restaurants for lunch. I so appreciate all the work she does coordinating our adventures. When Meghan, my daughter, and I were in Washington DC a few weeks ago, we asked at the front desk for a suggestion of a place to get a good burger but not a chain restaurant. The gentleman suggested a place that had the “best burgers in DC” and supplied us with directions. We arrived at said *restaurant and commented to each other that it was strange that they suggested a restaurant that was in a competitor’s hotel. We each ordered a burger which was really very tasty and not overly expensive. Success, we just had the best burger in DC. We continued on our way to meet up with the night tour we were taking and as we are crossing the street we see another establishment with the exact same name. Meghan and I burst out laughing. We are pretty sure we just had the best burger in DC at the wrong place. When the credit card bill arrived, it was confirmed we had the best burger in DC at the wrong place. Ah!! the power of suggestion.

So my question to you is, where should I visit in “your city” and where can I get a “good burger” or a “nice cup of tea” in your part of the world?

* In DC there is a Hamilton Crown Plaza Hotel which has a restaurant and a restaurant called The Hamilton.