“Mom, you aren’t one of those people are you???” Said with a look of horror as I pulled my iPad mini out to take a photo. In my defense, my phone had no more storage and I wanted to post to FB.

“When you have kids, you can tell them “Grandma, already climbed Arthur’s Seat. She is going to wait at the bottom and buy us ice cream when we are done.” To which Emily replied “I am going to tell them mom and dad are already climbed, you go ahead.” And later in the day, Meghan asked “Mom, when do we get ice cream.”

Me while crossing street “I get so confused with one way streets, driving on the other side. I am just not sure which direction I am going to hit from.”

Meghan starts doing movement like she is playing a violin. I ask “what are you doing?”. Meghan “I am playing the music.” Confused look by all and then laughter to the point of crying. Note: through our window you could hear bagpipes.

Duh moment – thinking Marks and Spencer’s had closed and then realizing it had been rebranded as M&S. Blame jet lag. More Edinburgh stories and tips to follow.