I love living in the northeast. The northeast enjoys four distinct seasons. Even though lately one season seems to leap-frog over another and then we go back to the “correct” season. Warm weather in April then back to rain in May and then back to whatever in June. The last few days I have been noticing that the leaves are starting to change color. When my daughters were growing up, they commuted with me to my work, their childcare then their elementary school and eventually high school. This time of year I would ask “which coloring is winning?”. Basically to keep them entertained and on occasion as a teachable moment about seasons or colors or creation. As the year’s past and my daughter’s grew too old for the color game, but every now and then one of them would randomly say “I think orange is winning”. 🙂 Today as I drove that same route I smiled and thought I think green is still winning but soon it will orange or yellow or red. From the looks of the fall foliage map, you have time to plan a drive to check out “what color is winning?” Don’t forget your camera. And why not stop for some cider and donuts.

Autumn Leaves
The autumn leaves swirl to the ground in their millions.
Gold, russet, ochre, burnt umber, and deep vermillion.
Down to the ground, the dying leaves flit and flutter;
On to the grassy bank, the pathway, and into the gutter.

Some of the colours of the leaves are deep and so very rich.
Whirling along the ground, some leaves tumble into the ditch.
A thick layer of multicoloured leaves now carpets the earth,
Leaving the trees bare, in readiness, for next spring’s rebirth.

With changing leaf colours, many people love this time of year,
But, that summer is well and truly over, it is now perfectly clear.
The many colours mixed together are a magical sight to behold;
I love the shades of yellow, crimson, sienna, and ruby red, so bold.

Some leaves are mottled, with two glorious colours or more;
Adding to the fabulous display, which now lies upon the floor.
Children love nothing better, than to frolic through the fallen leaves;
When workmen collect them up, they’re left feeling very aggrieved.

Even though the weather is getting cold, the colours look so warm.
Fiery reds and oranges, and golden hues, like those of ripened corn.
Photographers find this time of year, so very evocative and inspiring;
The spectacular displays before them, they spend much time admiring.

As the season draws on, the once vibrant colours begin to dull and fade.
Soon, all that is left are brown leaves, which once boasted brilliant shades.
When leaves first change their colour, they create much admired foliage,
But with age and weather, over the coming weeks, there is much spoilage.

I love the dark green leaves, with their edges tinged with a brilliant red.
But, alas, those colours will fade, now that the leaf is no longer being fed.
The crisp, bright colours can offer cheer on even the very dullest of days,
But in our minds, we know it won’t be long before winter comes our way.

Angela Wybrow