Travel Tuesdays is a day late due to no “free” internet in room.

Today I flew from Newark (EWR) to Indianapolis, IN (IND). A few observations:

1.Those budget cuts you hear about on the radio are real. There was one TSA agent checking boarding passes and id’s at the security checkpoint in terminal A. One?!?

2.The lady in line behind me, who was so worried about the slow moving line, did nothing to help the line move faster. Case in point. She was carrying an open bottle of water and she didn’t have her boarding pass or identification out. Oh and some way or the other, she ended up in front of me. The TSA agent did call her forward when she stated she was going to miss her flight but she wasn’t ready. In case you were wondering, everyone else in line was rolling their eyes and shaking their heads but in the friendliest way.

3.For some reason unbeknownst to me, I am the person who gets either the full body scan and/or the hand swap. Today it was both.

4.Parents traveling with multiple children will do anything to keep them quiet at the airport. I saw a family of five with the 3 children being under the age of 8. Mom and dad were eating sandwiches and each child had a giant double chocolate muffin. The kids seemed to love their muffins, parents had a few moments of sanity and many wipes were available for the clean up after “lunch”. These were obviously seasoned traveler parents.

5. I wanted to be super organized for this trip. Ten days in a long time to be away and I didn’t want a big suitcase. So, I had my list of clothing. Colored coded two tops per one bottom. I limited my shoes. I decided to think of this trip as a test run for Japan. Only problem was when I got to the airport, I didn’t have my passport. I always travel with my passport as my form of identification. No worries for this trip, my driver’s license would work as id but that won’t fly for Japan. Oh, the best laid plans.

6. The flight from EWR to IND is the perfect length – under 2 hours. By the time you are wondering how much longer will it be, it is time to land. 🙂