All the hotels we stayed in while in Japan had a complimentary robe/nightgown and slippers. The above emergency exit sign on the back of the door at one hotel was puzzling. My “roommate” and I weren’t sure if the hotel was worried about you being properly dressed. Or were they worried about you stealing their nightgown and slippers. In an emergency, aren’t you just suppose to get out.


Twice during my trip to Japan I received emergency alerts. It is wonderful that your cell phone let’s you know there is an emergency. Unfortunately, I knew there was an emergency that part is written in English. However, what the emergency was is written in Japanese. So I know to be concerned but don’t know why. Duh!?! Fortunately, our guides could explain.


Where is the sink? Oh, the sink is part of the toilet. When you “flush” the toilet, the water first comes out the top so you can wash your hands and then that water is used to fill the tank. Good for small bathrooms and good way to conserve water. 🙂