September is National Preparedness Month. Both the Red Cross and FEMA have some great information on their websites. I thought I would share a few thoughts for emergency preparedness when traveling.

1. Add a I.C.E. ( in case of emergency ) contact to your phone.

2. If traveling oversees, add the American Embassy’s phone number to your phone.

3. Pack a flashlight and extra batteries.

4. Carry your prescriptions in your carry on. Put an extra glasses in your carry on. Hearing aid batteries in your carry on as well.

5. Pick an emergency meeting place. This is something we usually do when we travel as a family. In case things “go bad”. Last year, my daughter and I were at a conference together in CA and the convention center had to be evacuated. We were able to reach other by phone but the first thing we said to each other was “we forgot to pick a spot.”

6. If you are told to evacuate, evacuate!!!

7. Let someone know your travel plans. Even if you are “running away”, let someone who will not bug you know where you are.

8. As I say to the school groups at the Tribute Center, we don’t live “afraid”, we live “aware”. Pay attention to what is happening around you.

9. Have a photocopy of your passport.

10. Write the toll free number for your credit card on a piece of paper, in case your card is lost or stolen.