Tourist Tuesdays is now Travel Tuesdays and today is dedicated to Boston. As a new day dawns may I continue to pray for the runners, spectators, first responders, medical personnel, chaplains, visitors and residents who have been forever changed by the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Will you join me? Some physical injuries will take a long time to heal, some emotional injuries will take a long time to process and heal may I not grow weary in praying, listening for opportunities to help and caring for my neighbors near or far. Will you join me in praying, listening and caring in the days, and weeks ahead?

For 2.5 years, my daughter attended college just outside of Boston. I became very familiar with the 4.5 hour journey from NY to almost Boston. I even drove there and back in the same day. Not recommended but it can be done. The first city I ever flew to “myself” was Boston. I was attending a dance convention and flew from NY to Boston. At the time, it was a big deal. As a child, my family visited Boston to do the “tourist stuff”. My dad made us including my British mother walk the Freedom Trail. My dad read every, single plaque or so it seemed to me. My mother’s favorite story to tell about that trip is me saying “I guess all those tea bags were ruined when they threw them in the river.”

I have visited Boston as adult and I have found it to be an easy city to navigate especially when your college age daughter is your tour guide. The “T” is a convenient mode of travel. I would suggest the Freedom Trail for your dose of history, Faneuil Hall Market Place for shopping/eating and the Aquarium for kids. The swan boats are fun to see and a great opportunity to read Make Way For Ducklings. I love just wondering the streets and realizing how old so much of the city is. I am grateful for the people who shaped our nation on those streets.

I pray that the events of yesterday will not cause us to be so fearful that we miss all Boston has to share with us. For now, may we continue to share our prayers and thoughts with Boston’s people.