No internet connection made this a little late. 🙂

To be honest this post isn’t about travel as in exploring exciting places or planning a vacation. This post is about traveling through time on this journey called life. The past few days seem to be shouting at me “Life is a journey. Life is ever changing. How will you travel on this journey – carrying all kinds of baggage, and worries or with trust, enjoying the view, with wonder and ease.”

On Thursday my mother-in-law will move into assisted living. She is almost 95 years old. She is amazing. Oh, she has slowed down and she repeats herself but she has lived the last 21 years alone. She has traveled through many years. She has traveled to many places. She has outlived her husband, her siblings and their spouses and even many of her friends. She loves God and asks “why am I still here”. I tell her “so we can go to Friendly’s together.” She laughs.

Today I told Bruce’s story to a curator at the National September 11 museum. I told of how we meet, our wedding, the birth of our daughters, our family vacations and the September 11 story. I guess all the remembering further emphasized this journey theme. One story I related to them seems to fit here. In the first days after September 11, I remembered an event that had happened at family camp just a few weeks before. A little boy from church had gotten himself in trouble. His dad had told him if he didn’t behave he was going back to their campsite. Well, he didn’t behave and his dad scooped him up and carried him away. He didn’t go quietly. When I related that story to my daughters, I said we are going on this journey and we have a choice we can either rest in our Heavenly Father’s arms or go kicking and screaming but either way this is happening and we are going. Today I think that is how life is we can either believe there are arms carrying us and rest in them or we can go fighting all the way but either way you are going to travel from point A to point B.
It probably won’t be a clean straight route but it can be a wonderful adventure no matter what the circumstances. If you trust who is carrying you, it can be the trip of a life time.