This morning on Facebook I posted the statement by 9/11 memorial President Joe Daniels on Museum Admission. (included below) A friend of mine wrote “What do YOU think?” So here goes:

1. I think people have the mistaken impression that the National September 11 Memorial and Museum receives federal funds. It does not.

2. I think people don’t realize that the National September 11 Memorial and Museum is not part of the National Park system as Pearl Harbor is. By the way the USS Arizona Memorial is free but other parts of the Pearl Harbor site are not. FYI: Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum is not part of the National Park System either. The Memorial is free and the Museum costs $12.

3. I think it costs money to maintain a museum, or your home.

4. I think people don’t realize that the $24 is for the museum not for the memorial. There is currently a $2 processing fee for the memorial. To the best of my understanding the entrance to the museum will be off of Greenwich Street not off of the memorial.

5. As an educator, I think that everyone should have access to museums, historical sites and all forms of educational experiences.

6. As a ballerina, I think everyone should have access to the arts. I also think children and young people should be able to experience big sporting events and the great outdoors.

5. I think people spend money on what is important to them. To visit the main deck and top of the Empire State Building is $44 for an adult. It costs $29 per adult to visit the Intrepid museum including the Space Shuttle Pavilion. The Newseum in Washington DC is $22.95 for an adult but that does include return visit the next day. It costs at least $10 for admission to the movies. Amusement park admissions are easily twice price of most museums.

6. I think the National September 11 Memorial is well done. See blog post Travel Tuesdays S1E21 – National September 11 Memorial and Museum. I hope the National September 11 Museum will also be well done. In May of 2012, I had opportunity tour the National September 11 Museum. Even though it was nowhere near done it was very impressive. “We” were allowed to take photos but were not allowed to share the photos from the May 2012 visit but I figure since the Museum has been featured on 60 Minutes I can now share one photo.019

7. I think I will continue to volunteer at the 9/11 Tribute Center because telling the story of September 11 is too important not to. 🙂

Statement by 9/11 Memorial President Joe Daniels on Museum Admission

“September 11, 2001 stands as one of the most devastating events in this nation’s history. However, it is also a historic testament to our collective resilience, a time when the bonds between strangers and loved ones strengthened in unimaginable ways. Ordinary men and women demonstrated limitless compassion and our first responders, so many who perished saving thousands, set an unmatched standard of heroism.

The 9/11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center will be the global focal point for telling future generations this vital American history.
The stories and the lives of the nearly 3,000 innocent people lost that day will be forever honored at the Museum through artifacts, exhibitions and first-person accounts.

Following a decision made by the Board in April to ensure the organization’s financial health, the 9/11 Memorial will charge an admission to the Museum to help fund the necessary operational costs. The 9/11 Memorial does not yet receive government support for ongoing operations as many other important museums of our national history do. 9/11 family members are free and there will be discounts for various groups, including seniors, youth and NYC schools. Each week there will also be hours set aside for the general public to enter for free.

A general admission ticket of $24 will help fulfill our obligation to commemorate and preserve the history of 9/11. It will also enable educational programming that will teach the nature of and responsibility for the special freedoms we have. Importantly, a Museum admissions will also ensure the Memorial, which has had more than 11.5 million visitors since opening two years ago, will be free and open to everyone.”