Two years ago, as I heard people say 2020 my thoughts would go to 20/20 – perfect vision. I spent time pondering perfect vision especially in light of a year that bore those same numbers. Wondering if there was a significance to 2020, something encoded in the very date for me to learn. My thoughts never went to a global pandemic, but the world did. And all those things that didn’t really work were magnified and brought front and center – healthcare, racial injustices, education and employment inequalities.

The way we marked time became almost irrelevant. After weeks that seemed to last for months the year ended, we moved into 2021. The new year was before us but as 2021 ends in many ways its feels like 2020 had 24 months instead of the usual 12. There is this weird math I find myself doing to figure out how long ago or when did such and such happen.

As strange as the past two years have been I can honestly say I am blessed. At this stage of my life, many of the worries of the pandemic – changing employment circumstances, raising kids didn’t apply to me. I could easily become a hermit. Reminded me of how in all those epic movies the wise old person was off in the woods and the young ones came searching for knowledge. Of course, if that was really the situation, I am in big trouble because I can’t fish or hunt or grow anything. Once there is no electricity I am not that good at being a hermit but with internet and modern conveniences I can hunker down. FYI: I read 30 books this year, did 22 puzzles and binged watched too much Castle.

Of course, my family and friends are my greatest blessings. The littles as I call them bring a smile to my face and heart. Watching them grow and learn is amazing. Grandparenting is so different than parenting. It has been said grandparenting is the reward for the hard work of parenting. Amen to that. I enjoy and cherish the moments I spend with the littles. Time with my girls and their guys is also cherished. Having them all to together is the ultimate.

This past year I have experienced the love and support of my friends in ways I never could’ve imagined. The publication of Pieces Falling: navigating 9/11 with faith, family and FDNY had my friends encouraging me, organizing and/or attending events, mentioning me and the book in their social media just plain loving on me. I appreciate that support and them so very much. Thank you.

What’s next – I don’t really know. Probably whatever 2022 holds involves masks, boosters, and social distancing – I can do that. I have some speaking engagements scheduled and I am available for more. Hint, hint. Depending on Covid travel would be fun. Still want to explore my city and volunteer with the Tribute Museum. Spending time with friends and family always is at the top of my list – lunch, tea, dinner?  Reading and doing puzzles makes the list as well. Maybe less binge watching or maybe not. Need to eat healthier and exercise more. My main thought going into 2022 (or is it 2020 months 25-36) is to just be a good human. I am not totally sure what that looks like but I am going for it. Want to join me?

What’s next – is a line from The West Wing. I think rewatching that plus listening to The West Wing Weekly, again may be in order. I do know that being a good human for me  starts with “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8 NIV